What is a CrowdFunding Soft Launch?

Soft Launching forces the build-listen-iterate mode instead of staying in the dream-draw mode 

What is a 
Crowdfunding Soft launch?

CrowdFunding Mentors and Consultants  use the terms " Crowdfunding Soft Launch" and "Crowdfunding Hard Launch (CrowdFunding campaign)" to describe two marketing methods when introducing a product to the Crowd (public). 

The method you choose depends on things such as how much money you want to spend to know how much crowd's attention and traction you get.  

Crowdfunding Soft Launch can be used to:

  1. Validate your idea at a low cost.
  2. A 'best practices' method to run a lean CrowdFunding Project and Campaign
  3. Build a CrowdCommunity of early enthusiast, backers, investors, supporter, flag wavers (your tribe) and production resources (your team) Pre-CrowdFunding campaign launch
  4. To help you avoid wasting time, money, and effort; building the wrong product, service or event that nobody buys after so much hard work.  Remember, money fluctuate, time does not. 

What is 

CrowdFunding SoftLaunch.com is a platform and a community that allows Small Businesses, Startups, inventors and entrepreneurs to present their products, services, events and ideas to the crowd, find resources needed and the targeted investor audiences. 

In addition, CrowdFunding Soft Launch provides CrowdFunding issuers and backers an efficient, transparent, and trustworthy partner to allocate their “ projects ris" and "risk capital”. This is the best way to reduce the cost of a Crowdfunding campaign through project modeling and validation.  We are a Crowd Funding activist and social cooperation/collaboration platform, available to entrepreneurs throughout the world.

CrowdFunding Soft Launch A CrowdFunding Project. Validation and a Crowd Building Portal 

A crowdSource process for quickly vetting ideas and raising your odds of success

Save yourself months of wasted effort and the frustration of building a CrowdFunding campaign  and something nobody wants to invest 

Try Soft launching the right action at the right time to build your early crowd backers and concept validation.

In our  Lean CrowdFunding Free training  and its Workshop, you'll learn how to Soft Launch and promote your idea and project  that will raise your odds of building successful product, service or event  and also help you to have a successful fundraising through your own Crowd or a CrowdFunding portal.

CrowdFunding Soft launch was developed through rigorous testing of many Crowd Funding campaigns , Crowd feed back  with Startup, Crowd Development, and Bootstrapping techniques, and has been successfully applied to dozens of  CrowdFunding campaign   What you'll   experience * How do validate your idea very fast, change to improve and find the best solution to a problem worth solving.

Let us do the heavy lifting to build your online  presence. We use our experience and Google to help you get smarter about your CrowdFunding project and campaign! 

Your Crowdfunding Soft Launch page components:  
  1. Your project name
  2. Countdown to your CrowdFunding campaign launch date
  3. Your project catch phrase or elevator message
  4. Your Social Media buttons and links
  5. Your CrowdFunding project and campaign  information:
    1. Category
    2. Launch date
    3. Rewards
    4. Supporter incentives
  6. Your lead catching form and resource and crowd  builder:
    1. Your followers
    2. Your backers
    3. Your investors
    4. Your resources
  7. Your idea and project description. You can update this section ( your sand box ) 
  8. Your progress time line                (progress means happiness)
  9. Do not wait advertize your value
  10. Benefits of soft launch or your campaign video
  11. Elevating your project  discussion, anywhere on the web.
  12.  Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web