CrowdFunding Soft Launch Strategy

Soft launch strategy

Strategy 1 Crowd Funding Planning and Crowd Funding mentors encourage you to do a "CrowdFunding Soft launch" of your campaign, send the Soft launch campaign word out to friends and family, people that know you and can validate you. Getting your CrowdFunding campaign this way will kick-start your funding and help you gain momentum. If it’s possible, try and get the first 20-30% of your funding through a big soft-launch push through our social Media campaign , PR campaign and your own email and Social media campaign . Tell your mother, your father, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and get your friends and CrowdFunding team member to do the same! Do you want to go hungry? Do you want your CrowdFunding project to miss out on half its production because there were a few people you didn’t tell about your project? Strategy 2

This is the time to spread the word to blogs, friends-of-friends, and the wider public. Start learning and polishing your social Media skills . Get Facebooking, Tweeting, linkedining and Blogging about the launch of your campaign! Your Crowd Funding soft launch has campaigned countdown counter.

People will see these links, go to your page and find your detail plan , dream , awesome photos and the evidence of your hard work and they will also see your project has already been backed by a rather large handful of people! Publish the number (not name) of backers in your page.

This will make your CrowdFunding campaign seem irresistible. People are far more likely to back you if they see others have done so first. Put it this way, your mother will probably back you before she backs someone random, but if you backed someone random, she would be more likely to also.

Strategy 3

The basic principle of crowdfunding is that you’re building a community on your credibility, and the most effective way to recruit people into that community is to make them believe two things:
  1. You give a shit about this campaign (more on this later), and;
  2. They’re picking a winner
So when every one of your Facebook friends clicks on that precious link, it’s best if  they;
  1. See your successful Crowd Funding Soft Launch than;
  2. Don’t see your  actual CrowdFunding campaign page and see that you’re three days into your campaign and have only raised $175 of your $25,000 goal.

Strategy 4

Design and tailor  different parts of your Soft launch campaign to different vertical, age and demographics . Just like it’s a good idea to subdivide your contacts and social media communities into how likely they are to donate or invest , it is also a good practice to triage them demographically.