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How should I complete my Soft Launch description page

posted Jul 1, 2013, 10:41 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Jul 1, 2013, 10:41 PM ]

How should I complete my Soft Launch description page 

Step : 1

  1. Ask yourself why are you soft launching ? What are your top two objectives?

    1. Testing the viability , validation of a product or service

    2. Refining features with a small audience

    3. Gaining valuable feedback

    4. Building your Crowd and community ( collecting email addresses )

    5. Focusing on product development

    6. Determine price points

    7. A/B testing different features

    8. Building your team

    9. An attempt to find investors

    10. Helps you determine how much of a marketing investment you actually need to put into future marketing.

    11. …....

Step : 2

  1. Write down one or two sentences about your vision . The big idea

  2. Write down top three problems that your idea will solve or improve

  3. For each of the above write down what solution(s)  do you offer

  4. Manage a brainstorming session with your partners or team members and select the most compelling items from above 2 and 3

We can help you with above steps in case you have problems developing it . These steps are covered in details . Please refer to "CrowdFunding eLearing portal under Crowdfunding Business Model "

For example :

  1. Vision: Build the largest CrowdFunding consulting company in world ( BHG - Big Hairy Goal )

  2. Three problems:

    1. Address CrowdFunding project and campaign Conundrum

    2. Get concept validation and vet idea

    3. Build the crowd and backers community

  3.  Solutions :

    1. Address CrowdFunding project and campaign Conundrum

      1. Build a portals to answer questions and addresses the needs of CrowdFunding community

        1. www.CrowdFundingPlanning.com

        2. www.CrowdFundingmentors.com

        3. www.CrowdfundingBestpractices.com

        4. www.CrowdQulifier.com

        5. http://www.crowdfundingconferenceseminar.com/

      2. Get concept validation and vet idea

        1. www.CrowdFundingSoftLaunch.com

        2. www.CrwodFundingPreview.com

        3. www.Softlaunchit.com

      3. Build the crowd and backers community

        1. www.CrowdFundingSoftLaunch.com

        2. www.CrowdFundinghardLaunch.com

        3. crowdmaker.co

  4. Brainstorming  and pick up the most compelling items

    1. www.CrowdFundingSoftLaunch.com

Above process took us about a year since we had to build and test each of the above since CrowdFunding + world wide web  is relatively a new concept  and focus on  find the one problem  that was worth solving more than the others.

In the process, we build tools to educate us and to help other  team members. These tools also generated  bootstrapping revenues:

  1. www.CrowdFundingFrameWorks.com ( Framework to have a successful CrowdFunding)

  2. www.CrowdFundingeLearning.com   ( Education and knowledge transfer as the meaning of building strong business relationship with our clients)

Step : 3

  1. Use the best solution you found above and start  your Soft Launch components that actually goes into your Crowd Funding Soft launch description page .  These components are ;

    1. Your campaign name / Brand name

      1. I.e. Soft launch It

    2. Your campaign short elevator pitch

      1. I.e. Before you CrowdFund it , Soft Launch it

    3. Your campaign top 3 or 4 value propositions

      1. I.e.  1) Validate & vet your concept 2)  Find your crowd 3) Build your tribe 4) CrowdFund like a pro

    4. Your category :

      1. Portals

        1. Donation

        2. Reward

        3. Equity

        4. Debt

        5. Micro Loan

      2. Creative

        1. Art

        2. Comic

        3. Dance

        4. Design

        5. Fashion

        6. Film

        7. Gaming

        8. Music

        9. Photography

        10. Theater

        11. Media

        12. Video / Web

        13. Writing

      3. Entrepreneurial

        1. Food

        2. Small Business

        3. Sports

        4. Entertainment

        5. Technology

      4. Cause

        1. Animals

        2. Community

        3. Education

        4. Environment

        5. Health

        6. Politics

        7. Religion

    5. Your campaign projected start and end date ( you can always change this )

    6. Your campaign pictures

    7. Your campaign logo

    8. To start contemplating on your future rewards ( campaign rewards) , come up with an incentive for your early Crowd generated through your Soft launch

      1. I.e

        1. A coupon which can be redeemed for some of your future awards

        2. Sample product teasers or a free offering

    9. What are you trying archive in your soft launch  

      1. Raise the crowd backers and followers ( email addresses )

Step : 4

  1. Tell Your Story. Tell people why your campaign deserves to be funded.

  2. Contributors , potential investors fund ideas they believe and are passionate about and support people they trust. Introduce yourself and your background. Describe your project and why it's important to you. Explain to contributors what you're hoping to achieve. Keep it concise, yet personal. And be sure to include a pitch picture and in a future a video!

  3. Use the art of persuasion

    1. Provide value for value. Crowdfunding campaigns hinge on reciprocity. If your startup offers fantastic products, rewards or opportunities, you’ve created a huge incentive for backers to pledge to your campaign. When choosing your reward tiers, reflect on whether the incentives would appeal to you if you were the consumer; ask friends, family members and business acquaintances for their honest opinions as well.

    2. Introduce scarcity. A basic law of economics dictates that scarce supply inherently creates greater demand. Create greater demand for your startup by limiting one or more of the higher level rewards for just a few — this will inflate demand for those rewards and result in higher pledge amounts for your crowdfunding campaign!

    3. Create a marketing event. People love to feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. Try to build a feeling of excitement and rally others around your crowdfunding campaign by tying the launch of a large, well known event. You can connect your product to a holiday, sporting event, or season to increase the momentum surrounding your launch. You can leverage the emotional connection surrounding these events to get people excited about your product and engage them in discussions.This is especially useful for connecting with backers through social channels, capitalizing on trending topics and popular hashtags to get more eyes on your fundraise!

    4. Highlight examples of social proof. Going back to the human desire to feel like a part of something bigger than themselves, most people don’t want to be the first or only supporter of a crowdfunding campaign — they want to see other influential advocates joining in. Do you have someone notable as an adviser, backer or endorser of your startup? Share your list of partners and patrons to give confidence to new backers and let them know that they won’t be the only one at your party.

    5. Build credibility and legitimacy. Many backers will believe it when they see it. In other words, they require some kind of evidence  that your startup is legitimate and picking up steam before deciding to back your crowdfunding campaign. Show your backers what they’ll be supporting in detail — how it works, how you came up with the idea, and even pictures or videos if you have a prototype. Remember that you will likely never meet your backers, so the more proof you can provide that your startup is legitimate the better.

Step : 5

  1. Complete the CrowdFunding Soft launch description as best as you can . This does not have to be your final . As time passes by you will change it for better .

  2. Soft launch is designed to move you one step closer to your hard launch in less stressful and managed way

  3. We do all the heavy lifting from the time you tell us you have completed  your 1st version .

  4. Call us and ask us for help if you have any problem .

How should I protect my idea

posted Jun 16, 2013, 7:52 AM by David Khorram   [ updated Jun 19, 2013, 4:56 PM ]

Thanks to the JOBS Act and the rise of sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo , RocketHub, 
CrowdFunding is extremely hot.  

You also have decided to CrowdFund your idea, thus by doing so you are planning to tell the world about what you have been dreaming  or even building.

The question now is it safe to share your idea with the world? 

Well,  on CrowdFundingSoftlaunch platform and your web page , we suggest only 2.5 minutes worth of sharing ( like a movie preview trailer) . We suggest you share enough to raise interest, anticipation and your crowd followed  and not more.

Remember Ideas are a Dime a Dozen. People ( you ) Who Implement Them are Priceless

But,  finally when you launch your project in a Crowd Funding portal , you stand on an internet pedestal and using social media portals ( your loud speakers ) share your idea and project withe the world . That is the reality of it .

The world has become  more connected through online social networks, it’s easy for you and any entrepreneurs to share too much information on crowdfunding sites about their best ideas

 Actually, you should assume that crowdfunding sites including 
CrowdFundingSoftlaunch are visited not only by potential project backers , investors, potential resources , but by potential competitors and copycats.So what should you  know and do before sharing your idea on the web ?

We highly suggest you consult with your business and IP attorney .

We are not an attorney or expert in IP issues ( our disclaimer )  but we suggest  consulting corporate counsel, here are some issues to be aware of and action steps to help safeguard your valuable idea and  intellectual property.
  1. Increase your rate of innovation that competitors and copycats can not catch up. Make sure, they are always two steps behind
  2. Do your SWOT analysis
  3. Share enough to raise the interest and fund and not much more 
  4. Prior to posting completed scripts or other works online, We recommend entrepreneurs to file a federal copyright registration on the “work.” The application and process is fast and inexpensive, and it usually doesn’t require an attorney’s assistance. Registering a new work online with the U.S. Copyright Office costs only $45, or $500 for expedited processing.
  5.  Protect your patent applications. According to U.S. Patent law, inventors must file a provisional or nonprovisional patent application in the U.S. Within one year after first disclosing the invention to the public or making the invention available for commercial sale.
  6. Given the high-stakes, high-cost nature of patent applications, it’s probably best for entrepreneurs to file patent applications first, then determine what information is prudent to disclose at crowdfunding sites later on. 
  7. Explore copyright potential. Crowdfunding sites have been popular vehicles to raise funds for documentary and independent film projects, plays, video games, mobile games, online Web series and many non-profit interests. To entice potential donors, entertainment-oriented project producers may post treatment summaries or completed scripts to help demonstrate that the project is “real” or provide potential funders with a better understanding of the creative nature of the proposed project.

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