CrowdFunding Soft Launch benefits

A soft launch adds up to being less emotionally taxing and less materially wasteful, than doing everything you can to implement an unplanned haisty CrowdFunding, knowing more than 75% fail

What are the
enefits of

There are  many  benefits associated with a soft launch, such as: 

  1. We get you one step closer to the reality by getting web presence and a web page 
  2. We assist you to get traffic and exposure to the crowd by promoting your idea in our Social Media and blog sphere  ( 4 time a day for 6 months to over 50,000+ relevant crowd, backers and investors) through; 
    1. CrowdFunding twitter, Facebook , LinkedIn and Google plus
    2. CrowdFunding Google plus community
    3. CrowdFundingPlaning five (5) , high traffic web portals and blogs
    4. Building back links to their pages 
  3. You can ask your specific questions and challenges and get response from the crowd experts (offer discount code)
  4. Low cost
  5. Low risk or no risk 
  6. Create time and space to build the infrastructure and resources needed to support the campaign
  7. Crowd expert sourcing and Crowd Thinking
  8. Learning and experimenting  with social media, bloggers and Pre release. Learn how to build the crowd   
  9. Create  time to build ,  train and prepare the CrowdFunding team  to deal with handling a launch. 
  10.  A soft launch is less stressful and gives everyone  time to get better with improving social media skills, public meetings and appearances. 
  11. Can be used as CrowdFunding project sandbox  and allow you to change and adjust your CrowdFunding Strategy, technique and tactics 
  12. Possibility of quickly to  find early investors  to help with bootstrapping or seed money 
  13. Help to avoid creating a marketing disaster by jumping to a Crowd Funding launch trying to build your wing in the way down.
  14. With Soft Launching, when something breaks, it’s not the end of the world
  15. Soft Launching keeps expectations with customers low, then offering offer higher value
  16. Soft Launching forces the build-listen-iterate mode instead of staying in the dream-build mode
  17. Soft launching allows some little wins that are meaningful A soft launch adds up to being less emotionally taxing and less materially wasteful, than doing everything you can to implement a fully planned and highly funded