Why to Soft Launch?

Rather than you jump off the cliff (CrowdFunding Launch) and build your wings on the way down to stress your family, your team and you, we have created an ecosystem ( preview engine or  sandbox) that allows you to vet your idea and get validation for your concept in an orderly manner and build your crowd at the same time.

You need to have 30% of your backers before starting your 
CrowdFunding campaign. Once CrowdFunding portal ( a social media engine) sees your campaign's popularity at the start , then they will promote you in their channel and through emailing. They like to make money and like to focus on the campaign that has potential .

CrowdFunding allows you to build your early crowd bakers and tribes. The timing is up to you .

The question is what will you do once you receive 500 to 1000+  email addresses  of 
followers and potential backers ? The answer is simple , you CrowdFund it .

The next question is 
 what will you do if  you do not receive  enough email addresses ? You have few choices;
  1. Improve your Soft Launch campaign content and we do the heavy lifting and re launch it for you. 
  2. You conclude you have an idea or solution that Crowd is not interested on at this time. This helps you to save time and do not spend two to three years of your life. Remember time cannot be saved or collected  and it is linear but money fluctuates. You can come up with many other ideas with higher potential  
  3. Soft Launch many ideas at once rather than one. Ask us for validation portals
How does it work?
We provide you with a secure cloud base document that you can update it with text and pictures any time you want . This will capture the essence of your future CrowdFunding project and campaign.

We set up and build a web page that contains  your
 Soft Launch page components:
  1. Your project name
  2. Countdown to your CrowdFunding campaign launch date 
  3. Your project catch phrase or elevator message
  4. Your Social Media buttons and links
  5. Your CrowdFunding project and campaign information:
    1. Category
    2. Launch date
    3. Rewards
    4. Supporter incentives
  6. Your lead catching form and resource and crowd builder: 
  7. Your followers 
  8. Your backers 
  9. Your investors 
  10. Your resources 
  11. Your idea and project description. You can update this section ( your sand box )
  12. Your progress time line (progress means happiness) 
  13. Do not wait advertise your value 
  14. Benefits of soft launch or your campaign video 
  15. Elevating your project discussion, anywhere on the web
  16. Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web
As you know the best is the one that you can charge and improve it. Once you have the 1st version of your  campaign, we launch your page into our social media portals and bring relevant , interested crowd to your campaign, we encourage you also to do the same .

How to launch your Soft launch campaign? 
Step 1
You need to have a Gmail address. If you do not have one;
  1. Click here and create a Gmail account 
    1. Save your gmail address and password
  2. We want to help you build your Crowd followers from the get go, then join our CrowdFunding communities
    1. CrowdFundingSoftLaunch community: click to Join our community
    2. CrowdFundingPlanningcommunity.com: Click to Join our community 
    3. We will send you access to a free e-Learning portal on "how to build your social media accounts, crowd followers and build your tribe."
Step 2

Quite Simply, 

  1. Register with CrowdFundingSoftLaunch by click on submit a project
  2. You can submit multiple projects if you wish  

Step 3 

We will build your 
CrowdFundingSoftlaunch project web page and within 24 hours or less sent you an email with links to your pages
  1. Using your Gmail address and your private password, you can access your;
    1. CrowdFundingSoftlaunch project web page
    2. Short URL.  This link will be the gateway to communicate with  CrowdFundingSoftLaunch community and your crowd. You also can monitor your analytics
    3.  CrowdFundingSoftlaunch Category page
    4. Registered Crowd spread sheet that contains their email addresses 
    5. Google Docs called "your project description page."  You have full access to update this document at any time you wish 
    6. Google Docs call "Your project update page."  You have full access to update this document at any time you wish.
    7. Global comment system that improves discussion on websites and connects  
Step 4 

Within 24 hours you receive an email with your page update and complimentary review of your project by our CrowdFunding mentors . We guarantee  your page access  and up time worldwide with SLA of 99% .

Step 5

We assist and promote your ideas ,concepts, projects  and their Soft Launch project  pages through ;
  1. A  free 1 hour training session and video
  2. Our social media engines for 6 months on a daily basis to more than 50,000+  relevant  audiences through;
    1. CrowdFundingPlanning.com social media portals,
    2. Five(5) highly optimized CrowdFunding websites and blogs
    3. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin , interest, YouTube and more
  3.  We will train you on how to promote your Soft Launch project  page  with your  social  media channels, thus building you your own crowd and evangelist  
  4. Offering you additional support on ;
    1. Press releases
    2. Video optimization
    3. Co is developing your own website using Google website fabric ( Google likes Google ) 
Step 6

More help, We also support you with ;
  1. Any question you may have  via our  feedback  form and email
  2. Full  access to CrowdFunding consulting  through our Crowd Expert mentors
  3. CrowdFunding project fundamental - www. CrowdFundingFrameworks.com and its eLaerning portal www.CrowdFundingElearning.com, helping you with your business and CrowdFunding project  required infrastructure 
  4. CrowdFunding Campaign best practices - www.CrowdFundingBestPractices.com  ( Free )
  5. CrowdFunding WorkBook -   www.CrowdFundingWorkBook.com - a step by step portal to help you to develop your Crowd Funding campaign components   

Your Crowdfunding Soft Launch page components:  
  1. Your project name
  2. Countdown to your CrowdFunding campaign launch date
  3. Your project catch phrase or elevator message
  4. Your Social Media buttons and links
  5. Your CrowdFunding project and campaign  information:
    1. Category
    2. Launch date
    3. Rewards
    4. Supporter incentives
  6. Your lead catching form and resource and crowd  builder:
    1. Your followers
    2. Your backers
    3. Your investors
    4. Your resources
  7. Your idea and project description. You can update this section ( your sand box ) 
  8. Your progress time line                (progress means happiness)
  9. Do not wait advertise your value
  10. Benefits of soft launch or your campaign video
  11. Elevating your project  discussion, anywhere on the web.
  12.  Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web