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You should quit the CrowdFunding Consultanting and start raising money

posted Oct 2, 2013, 10:58 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Oct 2, 2013, 11:05 AM ]
I do not believe there is such thing as CrowdFunding Consultant . There is nobody wise enough to help to raise thousands or millions of dollars for 10 or 20 campaigns . ( raising 5K to 10k should be done at home )

If there are ones , he or she should quit the CrowdFunding Consultanting and start raising money for themselves since there is enough products and services in ALIBABA.COM and and they can make much more raising for themselves.

However there are CrowdFunding Consulting teams and Groups ( i.e. ). Power of collective intelligence, Passion , promotion and pro active crowd and backers building planning are among what are needed .
The real consulting money / revenue also does not come from the camping itself . After all most Entrepreneur are short in money to pay to the consultant at the start, or they did not need to have a CrowdFunding.

Fact is most true consultant have to work cost + at a very low rate and have to commit and guarantee results ( analytic and statistics ) .

The magic for us was and is post CrowdFunding revenue , We have had many success and CrowdFunding and our track has landed us fortune 500 companies and many other companies that use our services for g"o to market" services . After all a CrowdFunding consultant has to be a CrowdFunding wizard , a team builder , a promoter, a cloud , an entrepreneur, track record of building start ups , Crowd builder and a good healthy knowledge of how to build and promote with Google ( the leverage ) .

*Fixed CrowdFunding project pricing plus Low commission commission rate is our magic* . We just had a success - few hours is still left .

We are working on a large CrowdFunding environmental project called . Yes , we work on small CrowdFunding for Causes such as Support us ⇛

As you know by now, There are many internet, press release and marketing companies acting as CrowdFunding Consultants but Marketing is only part of the Magic .

David Khorram

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