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How much do you charge for CrowdFunding consultation and CrowdFunding campaign development ?

posted Oct 2, 2013, 11:11 AM by Unknown user

Question :

We like your services and this sounds exactly what we need. We know the product is unique, we know it is superior, we know it is significantly different to most products available on most crowd funding sites.
What we do not know is to how successfully navigate the crowd funding landscape to achieve our goals.
Are you prepared to work on a JV/revenue share on the funds raised model?

Response :

We are not new to CrowdFunding . We know you are bootstrapping . We also know the more you know , the less you spend on your crowdFunding project and campaign development and more you have for branding and marketing .

The production fund will come later as part of your CrwodFunding campaign .

We are open for commissions at the end of the road ( 2% to 5% ) depends on size of fund you want to raise and the effort.

BUT, CrowdFunding is a team work. Is not the work of one or two people since you have to deal with The "Crowd". Funny thing many people forget CrowdFunding starts with the "Crowd" not "funding" .

You have to have a minimum amount of funds available ( less than a $1000) and you need to be willing to do a lot of work yourself . We do some heavy lifting for you since we have our crowd but have to build yours in the process.

We have been at this point with many clients ( see 20 of them here ).

We need to walk first and then run together.

A year ago, we decided not to repeat ourselves in CrowdFunding meetings and placed 4000 hours of our Crowd Funding research and experience in one E-learning portal called .

It is a Google LMS ( learning management system ) , then you need to have a gmail address to access it .

When you subscribe ( @ $29.99) , you signal us that you are serious ( since many are not ) . Then you get two (2) hours of Consultation with us . This means we are serious too.

In this consultation, we will create your CrowdFunding business model ( asking to answer these questions after we sign an NDA ) .

We will mind map your business model ( one page business plan ) and send you a detailed proposal with step by step project plan and dates . Clear steps from the start.

You decide what parts you want to do and what parts you want to collaborate with you.

There is no magic except hard work, CrowdFunding best practices and experience .

If you are ready , we are at your service and we love what we do , we are part of creator's (you) economy .

We are a 100% google shop and We leverage with Google in order to win

Please let me know

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