Why CrowdFuning Soft launch

With Soft Launching, when something breaks, it’s not the end of the world!

Why to Soft launch your CrowdFunding project?

The CrowdFunding Project or Campaign Preview known as “CrowdFunding Soft Launch”  is very crucial factor to:
  1. Promote your CrowdFunding project

  2. Market your CrowdFunding campaign

  3. Build your Crowd* Audiences (Listener with interest)

    1. Followers (Audience that follows your progress)

  4. Build your Community / tribe**  

    1. Backers (Followers that  invest in your CrowdFunding)

    2. Flag wavers (Backers that give you good reviews and references)

    3. Promoter ( Flag wavers that introduce you to their own network )

    4. Investors (Believers that bootstrap your idea and project prior to Crowd Funding

  5. Resources - Sourcing potential collaborators and cooperators

* Crowds are the undifferentiated mass of users who congregate on this or that social media site. Each site draws a different crowd. Spend time on the site and you’ll get a feel for them. Usually the most popular and active users give you a good indication of what the crowd is like. However, you’ll never get up close and personal with crowds.

** Tribes are different than Crowd. A tribe is made up of specific individuals with whom you have established a personal connection. Tribes emerge out of sharing circles, when small groups circulate the content amongst one another. As we share with one another, we take on definite identities for the people that we share with. We emerge out of indifferentiation and stand out from the crowd.

Tribes make social media simple. With a tribe on each site, the business of sharing and engaging across multiple channels becomes much, much easier.

Tribes act as content curators, filtering out and sharing relevant material from the overwhelming flow. Tribes serve as targets for our acts of social sharing, putting a human face on the crowd and giving us a sense of who we are speaking to. Tribes echo our key values and interests, providing us with the sense of confirmation we need to make us feel like we are engaged in a genuine social activity.

The CrowdFunding Soft launch is a one kind of an advertisement, promotion and also a  communication medium for the feature CrowdFunding campaign , which will be launched in a future period at a Crowd Funding portal ( i.e Kickstarter, indiegogo, rocket hub ...etc. )

Nowadays, The CrowdFunding Soft launch pages  have been used in  Email marketing , blog , PR and all internet marketing channels . According to sources, by  2015  over billion  CrowdFunding Soft launch pages will be watched online.

The CrowdFunding Soft Launch page reveals and tells your idea  and project  story in a precise manner that automatically generates worldwide appealing among the crowd.

As CrowdFunding will  grow up into a big industry, and the CrowdFunding Soft launch will be  regarded as the best way to promote CrowdFunding to success, it will also disqualify or validate  poor or bad CrowdFunding project or  idea  in a very systematic manner.

Mostly, the CrowdFunding Soft Launch pages have some but not all Crowd Funding project  structure or format such as:

  1. Project, campaign  or idea name

  2. Elevator message or catch phrase

  3. An appealing story ( Can evolved and improved during the course of the Soft Launch )

  4. Idea and project  progress

  5. Social media and  feedback loop ( For validation, communication and collaboration )

  6. Video or pictures ( To deliver the story and the content more effectively)

  7. Funding goal

  8. Rewards level ( not defined )

  9. Launch date

  10. The resources you may need to complete your CrowdFinding project

The more detailed and thought out  relevant content increases the audience's attention and to understand the your Crowd Funding goals

The main function of the CrowdFunding Soft Launch is to attract and entice the crowd audiences, make your crowd to your tribe and bring them at the CrowdFunding campaign portal at the start.

Generally, above  segments are taken from the most amazing, exciting and thrilling and worthy parts of the Crowd Funding project , but short form and generally without revealing all the details .

Actually, we suggest,  you allow less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds for the crowded audience to review your Soft launch campaign content .

What is a difference between a Crowd Funding Soft launch and a hard launch?

A soft launch is generally used when an entrepreneur is not ready for a CrowdFunding Campaign launch (hard launch)  and getting  a great deal of  cost and attention to her or his offering right away.

In this phase, they want to gradually introduce their idea's and its changes to the Crowd to harvest crowd intelligence to  validate,  improve or  right size their offering . 

To build momentum and create a fanfare around the CrowdFunding launch release date  so they can get the early Crowd to invest in the project right away and get the attention of Crowd Funding portals ( a social media portal ) and get them to advertise and promote them to their 1st page attracting  a larger crowd .