Your Crowdfunding Soft Launch page components:  
  1. Your project name
  2. Countdown to your CrowdFunding campaign launch date
  3. Your project catch phrase or elevator message
  4. Your Social Media buttons and links
  5. Your CrowdFunding project and campaign  information:
    1. Category
    2. Launch date
    3. Rewards
    4. Supporter incentives
  6. Your lead catching form and resource and crowd  builder:
    1. Your followers
    2. Your backers
    3. Your investors
    4. Your resources
  7. Your idea and project description. You can update this section ( your sand box ) 
  8. Your progress time line                (progress means happiness)
  9. Do not wait advertize your value
  10. Benefits of soft launch or your campaign video
  11. Elevating your project  discussion, anywhere on the web.
  12.  Elevating the discussion, anywhere on the web